Gravel and Sand Construction Project


Kuwen Ming Liang Enterprise is a company established in accordance with the laws of the Kingdom of Cambodia and has permanent residence in Russey Chor village, Thma Khear commune, Chey Borei district, Kratie province, located in the Mekong region, Russey Chor village, Chetra Borey, Kratie Province. The company is a private limited liability company, which received a notice from Ministry of Mines and Energy No. 007, Commercial Bank, dated June 2, 2015. Chairman of the Board of Directors and Owner of MFI is Mr. Meng Heang. The company has requested to invest in a 20-hectare stone and sand construction business located in the Mekong region, Russey Chor village, Thmar Ket commune, Chey Borei district, Kratie province. Investigating the potential of investment and contributing to the development of the mining sector as well as increasing Cambodia's economic status by paying taxes, providing employment opportunities for local people and supplying gravel and sand products on the market. Local.
For the application of sandbags in the area of ​​application, the company uses two sand and gravel motors, using a pumping technique along the river orbit at the site where the site is located once a week. The company raises sand and sand from the river and then puts it into boats to transport it to each section. Sand is then transported to the storage area or depot for distribution. The gravel is put into the minerals and then shipped to a storage location or a depot for distribution.
Construction of sandstone and sand construction project covers 20 hectares of land. For a 5-year business plan with annual extraction activity, an average of 36,000 cubic meters of sand and 10,800 cubic meters per year.